Women’s Ministries


Our mission statement:  Faith expressed through love, prayer, Bible study & fellowship.


Meet our 2017 Women’s Ministry Council:

Beth D’Andrea                                         Barb Smith-Loving You Ministry 

Betty Moore                                             Marlyne Stapleton-Loving You Ministry

Sue Owens                                              Deb Wallace

Heidi Peters                                             Robyn Wetzel

Margaret Scott                                         Jan Wilson       

Ramona Jerred-Director
We minister to those who are grieving, going through a medical crisis, or are welcoming a new member to their family through cards of love or gifts.  We need each of you to help us keep informed so we can minister to them.  Our council also make these needs a part of our prayer ministry as we are made aware of them.  For information Contact Ramona at rrjerred@q.com.