Daytime Phone #
Name of event
Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
What day does the event take place?
Start Time
What time does the event start?
End Time
What time will the event end?
Is this a recurring event? If so, please list the pattern in which it recurs and the date of the last occurrence. ?
Example: "This event occurs every month on the 15th through December 15th of 2014." Example: "This event occurs every 2nd Monday through December 8th of 2014."
How much time do you need in the building beforehand for setup/preparation?
Where is your event taking place?
Do you need an additional room?
If you need more than 2 rooms please call the Church office.
If your event is off-site, where is it taking place?
How many chairs do you need?
How many 6' tables do you need?
How many round tables do you need?
Do you need a projector, projector screen, (Blu-ray, DVD, VHS, CD) player, stereo, microphone, whiteboard, easel, and/or speaker stand?
Please provide a brief description of your event.
Do you already have access to the building?